Advertise in Arndale Manchester Shopping Centre

Reach high-intent shoppers near the point of purchase across all UK Shopping Malls and Centres.

High Foot Traffic

Diverse Demographics from Families to Young Professionals

Influence on Purchasing Decisions

High ROI Due To Proximity to Point of Purchase

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Manchester Arndale Advertising

Advertise in Arndale Manchester

Advertising on digital screens in Manchester Arndale, a bustling city-centre shopping hub, offers extensive exposure to a diverse urban audience.

Its high footfall and central location make it ideal for impactful brand visibility.

The dynamic nature of digital advertising in this vibrant setting enhances engagement, effectively reaching consumers in a prime retail environment where they are predisposed to shopping and discovery.

Westfield London Screen Advertising

Arndale Manchester Digital Out Of Home

Digital 6-sheet screens inside shopping centres, are a modern, electronic billboard format.

These are typically 6 feet by 4 feet digital displays, offering high-resolution, dynamic advertising content.

Positioned in high-traffic areas, they provide advertisers with the flexibility to update content remotely and target specific demographics, enhancing engagement with a shopping centres diverse customer base.

Why Use Shopping Centre Advertising?

Using digital screen advertising in shopping malls is advantageous due to its high visibility among a diverse and large audience.

The dynamic nature of digital content, capable of showcasing engaging videos and animations, captures shoppers' attention effectively.

This format is particularly potent in a mall setting, where visitors are often in a receptive mindset for shopping and discovery, making it an ideal platform for impactful and memorable marketing campaigns.


Shopping Mall Advertising Costs?

Advertising on digital shopping centre screens typically costs between £800 and £1,000. This is per screen per two weeks.

This price range reflects the strategic placement of these screens in high-traffic areas, offering significant visibility to a diverse range of shoppers.

The cost is influenced by factors such as location, duration of the campaign, and the specific supermarket chain, providing a valuable platform for targeted advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Supermarket and Shopping Mall advertising.

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