Advertise In UK Cinemas

Reach cinema-goers in a unique environment, across all major UK Cinema chains including Odeon, Cineworld, Vue & Showcase Cinema de Lux.

More Than 23 Million Cinema Visitors Per Year

A Positive Family & Friends Experience

30% AB & 57% ABC1 Audience

35% Like Ads At The Cinema

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Example of cinema screen advertising showcasing a tourism advert

Advertise Inside Cinemas

Advertising on screens inside cinemas, particularly on the screens located in entrances and walkways, offers a unique and effective marketing opportunity.

Firstly, these screens capture the attention of a captive audience waiting for their movie to start or browsing concessions, making them more receptive to advertising messages.

Finally, advertising in cinemas can associate your brand with the positive experience of movie-going, potentially boosting brand perception and recall.

Cinema D6s

Cineworld, Odeon & Vue Advertising

Advertising in Cineworld, Odeon, and Vue cinemas presents a unique opportunity for impactful brand exposure.

These chains attract a vast, diverse audience, offering targeted advertising opportunities.

Cinema-goers are highly engaged, making them more receptive to ads compared to other media.

Additionally, associating your brand with the positive cinema experience can boost brand perception.

Why Use Cinema Advertising?

Cinema advertising stands out for its ability to capture the undivided attention of a captive audience in a unique setting.

The demographic diversity of cinema-goers allows for targeted advertising, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Cinema advertising also benefits from the positive association of entertainment, significantly boosting brand recall and perception.

Cinema Advertising Vue
Odeon Cinema Advertising

Cinema Advertising Costs?

Advertising on digital cinema screens typically costs between £600 and £1,000. This is per screen per two weeks.

This price range reflects the strategic placement of these screens in high-traffic areas, offering significant visibility to a diverse range of shoppers.

The cost is influenced by factors such as location, duration of the campaign, and the specific supermarket chain, providing a valuable platform for targeted advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

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